The company's current logo (top) and the former logo (bottom).
Founded September 23, 1889 (As a card company)

1956 (New Ventures) 1975 (Electronics & Video Games)

Headquarters JP Kyoto, Japan
15 px Redmond, Washington
15 px Richmond, British Columbia
15 px Großostheim, Germany
15 px Scoresby, Victoria, Australia
Key people Fusajiro Yamauchi (founder, deceased)

Satoru Iwata (current president)

Reggie Fils-Aime (NoA president)

Shigeru Miyamoto (key designer)

Gunpei Yokoi (designer, deceased) Hiroshi Yamauchi (former president,deaceased)

Color TV Game series
Game & Watch
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy franchise
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Mario series
The Legend of Zelda series
Pokémon series
Metroid series
Country Japan
Nintendo Company Ltd. (任天堂株式会社, Nintendō Kabushiki kaisha) is a video game developer, publisher, and home console and handheld manufacturer. They were founded in 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a manufacturer of Hanafuda playing cards. Following the success of their cards, Nintendo attempted to jump into various other businesses with little to absolutely no success until their entry into the video game market. Translated to English, Nintendo means "Leave luck to heaven". They entered the video game market with the permission to distribute the Odyssey to the Japanese audience. Soon enough they'd make their own consoles and handheld units such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance, among many others. They've developed quite the name for themselves for their multitude of video game series including but certainly not limited to Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda and, Kirby. At the moment they're statistically one of the most powerful video game companies in the business. Their current generation consoles, which consists of the Wii and Nintendo DS, soared to the top of the charts each week, something that hadn't occurred for quite some time. The Wii , Nintendo's 7th generation console, has sold more units than Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, at the same time the Nintendo DS has also sold more units than Sony's PlayStation Portable.


  • In the first episode of the second Super Sentai series, 1977's J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, after the 4 heroes are transformed cyborgs, Spade Ace gets an Ace of Spades playing card thrown at him. When he catchs it, you can see that the manufactueur's name is Nintendo.
    Nintendo JAKQ card

    The Nintendo playing card from JAKQ Dengekitai Episode 1.

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