AKA Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer Foxconn
Launch date(s) 2006
Generation) 7th generation
Codename "Nintendo Revolution"
Discontinued October 20, 2013
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Gamecube Controller
Backwards Compatibility Nintendo Gamecube
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Service Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Top Game Wii Sports (pack-in everywhere except Japan, and South Korea)
Predecessor Nintendo Gamecube
Successor Wii U
The Wii console is a seventh-generation home console launched on November 19, 2006 in North America,and is the popular & best-selling video game console and has sold over 100.30 million units to this as of September 2013, out selling gaming consoles including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo Entertainment System